linci shell

What is it?

The linci shell is a command line environment with a few bells and whistles for running the linci commands. Use of it is optional.

You enter the shell by typing

linci shell

You will be greeted with a prompt

      /    .  ._    _  .  
     /__  /  / /  /_  /   
                           (type ? or help)

The shell provides a series of aliases (short cut commands) and some additional bash completions (options that magically appear when you press tab)

Typically the ci user should use the linci shell.


In the shell all the linci commands can be run without the linci prefix.
linci list is shortened to just list
linci admin is shortened to just admin

There are three ls aliases ll, lsc and lsj

There are three cd aliases cdc, cdj and cdw

psci shows tasks run by the ci user.

ttyon and ttyoff enables and disalbbe snoticfications being output inthe shell.

There are some aditional shortcuts type aliases to see the full list.

Bash completion

Linci aliases and commands have bash completion by default, the build and run commands have been extended to show a list of available jobs and builds.

Typing build[space][tab][tab] will show a list of available builds on this server.

How it works

The exact contents of the shell can be found here /usr/share/linci/lib/lincirc, which is run with bash --rcfile /usr/share/linci/lib/lincirc